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Working for a safe and sustainable Oceano Dunes and beach for all


Imagine a Safe and Sustainable Oceano Dunes

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the beaches fronting Oceano and Grover Beach were vehicle-free for 7 months for the first time in years. They were transformed into vibrant and safe beaches for swimming, surfing, walking, biking, horseback riding, kiteboarding, fishing and other low-impact recreational activities. 

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California State Parks reopened the beach to street legal vehicles in October 2020. When COVID restrictions ease, they plan to reopen the park to OHV activity, which will reimpose direct threats to wildlife, sensitive habitats and community health.

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The Oceano sand dune area is recognized by scientists, conservationists, government agencies and the public as the finest, most extensive coastal dunes remaining in California. The beach and dunes offer critical habitat for endangered shorebirds and other rare plant and animal species. 

Impacts of Vehicle Activity at Oceano Dunes

Navigate left or right through this slideshow to understand how off-highway vehicle activity takes a huge toll on the beach and dunes at Oceano. 
The Issues

Please Protect the Dunes!

People for the Dunes is a community-focused campaign funded by donations from residents, businesses and organizations along California’s Central Coast. All campaign participants work as volunteers and vow that every penny of every donation will support efforts to make Oceano Dunes and beach a safe and sustainable park for all to enjoy.

Please contribute today! 

Make checks out to: 
San Luis Obispo Coastkeeper

Mail checks to:
EPI-Center, 1013 Monterey
Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Enter "Dunes Alliance" in the memo line.  

EIN Number available...please contact:

Take Action

Take Action

Please share you concerns. Every voice counts!

Communicate directly to the California Coastal Commission about Oceano Dunes

Submit comments by email at

Submit comments by mail to 725 Front Street, Suite 300, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

For any questions, contact Kevin Kahn, the Coastal Commission’s Central Coast District Supervisor and its lead coastal planner on Oceano matters at 831-427-4863 or

Please check this website for more information about this issue and California State Parks’ Coastal Development Permit

Speak in support of a safe and sustainable Oceano Dunes and beach at any California Coastal Commission meeting

Please check this website for the current month's meeting agenda and updated information.

If you need assistance preparing to speak before the Commission, you may contact the Dunes Alliance at

Share with friends and family - #PeoplefortheDunes

The Oceano Dunes and beach are a local treasure that should be open to all for safe, enjoyable non-motorized recreation.  If you agree, please consider joining our effort and spreading the word!


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Interested in being a sponsor or participating in another way? Awesome!

About People for the Dunes

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People for the Dunes, a campaign of the Dunes Alliance, supports a safe and sustainable Oceano Dunes and beach for all.
The campaign advances a new, inclusive vision of recreation and conservation at Oceano Dunes that will secure environmental justice for surrounding communities, ensure better protection for wildlife and the natural environment, boost the local economy and respect the area’s cultural heritage.

See our growing gallery of People for the Dunes! Thanks to all who have shared their love for this beach!


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In the News

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